2019 Super Bowl live stream: how to watch Patriots vs Rams online for free from anywhere in the world

The 2019 Super Bowl brings to an end another exciting year of American football. Two teams will enter, but only one will emerge with the NFL’s top prize! Super Bowl LIII (Super Bowl 53) airs February 3, 2019 and promises to be one of the most exciting football lineups this season. If you’re eager to catch the action, you’ll be pleased to know you can watch the game in its entirety right from your favorite media center software, Kodi!

Fans wait eagerly for the event and many of them are seriously speculating on who would make it to the halftime show. If you check the internet, you discover that voting is ongoing as to which of the stars fans want to become part of the NFL event.

Several celebrities’ fans are launching serious online campaign to make their master feature in the halftime. Those who make such support always have wonderful reasons for supporting such a celebrity. It appears that event organizers consider these petitions before they make a final selection as to which of the stars will become part of that event.

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NFL Football Week 16
Team : Cowboys vs Buccaneers
Date : Sunday, December 23
Start Time : 01:00 Pm Et

Already several celebrities, performers, and musicians of note are mentioned as the possible halftime time performers. The final choice as to which celebrity to perform at halftime is always made by the organizers of the event.

The event will hold on February 3rd 2019 and it will hold at the popular Mercedes Benz Stadium, which is located in Atlanta. Several Kelly Clarkson supporters are mounting campaign to have him perform at halftime. They want the original America Idol album played live at the event.

Plenty of performers are being campaigned for by their fans. Some of the performers that could make it to the event include Rihanna, Pink, BTS, Jenifer Lopez, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, as well as Ariana Grande. The numbers are many. The most popular if the online vote is to count in making the final choice is the K-Pop boy.

The fact remains that there are hundreds of performers and artists who are supposed to make it to that event by holding in the Mercedes Benz Stadium. Many people believe that it would be an opportunity for Taylor Swifts to shine. Some stars who are serious about staging a comeback will like to be given a chance to prove their worth again. People believe that stars like Janet Jackson want to bounce back.

Many Americans are also calling for rappers like Drake of Jay-Z to become part of the halftime show. Many fans who want to spend the evening dancing will prefer the presence of Jenifer Lopez and Rhinna. These people will heat up the venue, because of the wonderful dance. The number of suggestions is a clear indicator that many people are ready for the event. Good performers will like to be given the opportunity to show case themselves. Before the event begins proper, the list will be ready and this could reduce the tension as to who would perform or not. The truth is that many performers and artists are good for the event.

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